NEMESIS tokens

NEMESIS: The tokens of Mind Capital

The new crypto and DeFi tokens from Mind Capital are here.

Mind Capital has just launched its NEMESIS tokens, two unique tokens that will allow experts to operate in the crypto world.

What is NEMESIS?

NEMESIS are two different tokens, one of them is a token oriented to operate with the main cryptoactives and the other with the main DEFI.

ASVAN is the token that operates with the main Cryptoactives such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc, and has a high potential for revaluation.

This token is aimed at those who want to manage their crypto-currency portfolios but do not have the knowledge or time to do so.

ASVAN is made up of cryptoactives that are among the most stable within the Crypto sphere.

On the other hand, ZAKEN is the token that operates with DEFI (Decentralized Finance), which are cryptoactives with much more volatility than those of the ASVAN token, but with more capacity for revaluation as well.

This token is more aimed at users who have a higher risk acceptance and also seek high revaluations. 

Both tokens are located within MCExchange, the Mind Capital Exchange, which allows any Mind Capital user to access them very easily.

NEMESIS tokens
Source: Mind Capital

The importance of key innovative factors

For the development of these tokens, Mind Capital has based itself on five key factors, which enable these tokens to have a significant strategic orientation in the crypto field.

1.- Diversification - When comparing any of the two tokens directly, the user is participating in the different crypt currencies that make up that token. In this way, the token itself is in charge of diversifying the exposure to cryptoactives.
2.- Simplicity - Each of the tokens is listed on MCExchange, Mind Capital's Exchange, which makes buying the token you are interested in as easy as buying any pair.

3.- Knowledge - Mind Capital's experts are constantly optimizing the results and deciding what percentage each cryptoactive participates in the token.

4.- Transparency - You can always consult the tokens with each of the cryptoactives in your portfolio, and the price is also updated every minute.

5.- Liquidity - You can buy or sell your tokens at any time. When quoting within the MCExchange they work like any other pair and you can freely decide when to enter or exit.

Logically, each native token of each Mind Capital NEMESIS fund has as its underlying value a portfolio of tokens and crypto-currencies that are different in terms of category (coinmarketcap ranking) and therefore obviously with different percentages, in addition to being tokens with different volatility and profitability indexes.

What does the name NEMESIS mean and why was this concept chosen?

As a curiosity, the name NEMESIS from Greek mythology has been chosen because in its positive meaning it implies a meaning of retribution and abundance, like the goddess who distributes that abundance as a consequence of an effort and work done properly. She is the goddess of fortune and retribution in the Greek pantheon.