NEMESIS tokens

NEMESIS tokens, Composition and revaluation

As it is well known by our users, recently on November 5th the Nemesis tokens were launched, product of the development of our team of specialists to offer two representative tokens of different types of cryptoactives as an underlying value: the Asvan and Zaken tokens.
NEMESIS tokens
Source: Mind Capital

In successive articles, as a report, we will inform about the composition of the portfolios underlying each token, as well as the revaluation obtained with a potential performance when trading with them. 

Portfolio composition of each token

Below is the composition of the set of cryptoactives behind each token that is shown as a digital representation of them.

Composition of the ASVAN token portfolio

This token would be denominated in USDT or Tethers, "stablecoin" with which it can be acquired, and would have the following variable composition according to the analysis of the token managers.

Source: Mind Capital
  • BTC that this week moves in a range of 30 - 50%.
  • USDT would be between 5% and 30%, whose percentage could be reached in specific moments.
  • Classic crypt coins such as ETH, BCH, LTC, XRP, ADA, XLM, IOTA, BNB and others in percentages ranging from 20 to 50%.

By making different combinations of these percentages we can extract 3 examples of different compositions from the ASVAN portfolio according to whether the profile is more conservative, medium or more aggressive.

ASVAN composition
Source: Mind Capital

ZAKEN Token Portfolio Composition

This token with a higher risk and volatility profile but with a higher yield potential, will have a portfolio composed on one hand of BTCs and on the other hand a combination of DeFis tokens. It will be denominated in BTC, the crypto currency with which the token can be acquired.

Source: Mind Capital

This way, the following variable compositions can be shuffled:

  • BTC which this week moves in a range of 20 - 55%.
  • Most prominent DeFis tokens in a proportion of between 45 - 80%, with tokens such as: LINK, KSM, SORA, OM, UNI, XDAI, UMA, BAL, NMR, RFUEL, BAND, MKR, RSR.

These last ones will also have variable proportions in time depending on their potential of revaluation after the pertinent analyses.

Similarly, we can here also break down 3 portfolio composition possibilities according to the three basic profiles in this way:

ZAKEN composition
Source: Mind Capital

Potential revaluations of each token's portfolio

According to the observation of the behavior of both tokens in recent days, we can say that ASVAN has moved in returns ranging from 3 to 4% because it has a more conservative profile than ZAQUEN, and because at first it has maintained a proportion of 50%-20%-30% respectively and approximately.

On the other hand, ZAKEN's performance in these first days of trading has been around 10% due to the favorable evolution of DeFis such as AAVE and YFI.

Will new cryptoactives be added to the token portfolios?

The answer is yes, since the mission of these tokens is to constantly rebalance themselves and this implies that they dynamically enter or exit cryptoactives from the corresponding portfolios. These tokens have been designed to create performance by themselves without having to resort to trading, even though we may do so to optimize that performance.

ASVAN will incorporate new cryptoactives to reduce the weight of BTC and Tether so that it does not exceed 50% for the first and 30% for the second.

ZAKEN can also incorporate new DeFis, and they can enter and exit their tokens from the portfolio repeatedly looking for the maximum possible return while maintaining a balance with the greater risk inherent in this token.

About token transaction fees within our Exchange

This new tokenized product is a good opportunity to get commissions derived from the community and therefore it is very positive to encourage its use within our affiliate network.

On behalf of Mind Capital, and in order to further promote the acquisition of these innovative new products, we will be lowering the transaction fees for Nemesis tokens during this month of November, in order to encourage not only the acquisition of these products, but also to obtain higher returns from the revaluation of the tokens and from trading in both short and long term positions

In short, we are witnessing an incipient success of our product portfolio that is being successfully completed within the Gaia ecosystem and we think that the Nemesis tokens will be a key piece within it. We encourage you to further diversify the returns achieved from Crypto-Fiat refereeing through this great opportunity offered by these new products.