MCExchange, Mind Capital exchange

Mind Capital's long-awaited exchange has completed its trial period

MCExchange is ready and prepared to land on stage for a world premiere on Monday, September 14th with a live video broadcast, with a presentation in which we will tell you the most attractive and outstanding aspects of MCExchange and where the first live transaction will take place.
Source: MInd Capital.

The presentation will take place at 21:00 for the Spanish-speaking audience and at 22:00 for the English-speaking community. In it you will have the opportunity to know this new exchange that arrives to the world of the cryptocurrencies with many options of departure and with great operational facility for all type of user.

Although MCExchange will progressively increase in functionalities and services, its first version already offers us the possibility to perform the most important classical operations that we expect to find in an exchange, but above all it offers us security and reliability.
MCExchange provides us with a unique and exclusive, permanent and secure wallet, safe from unexpected closures or blockages.

For now we can only receive Bitcoin in our wallet, but we can make an immediate balance transfer from our MCCoin balance in Mind Capital. We can also make an immediate withdrawal to our Mind Capital balance.

Source: MInd Capital.

Besides being able to make deposits and withdrawals, the most interesting section of MCExchange is the markets section

This screen allows us to analyze in real time the market situation in the pairs of BTC/MCCOIN, BTC/USDT, BTC/ETH, ETH/USDT, ETH/MCCOIN, and to trade in it through buy and sell orders.

Source: Mind Capital.

However, if we do not want to stop too much in the analysis of the graphs in real time, we can make an operation between the supported currencies immediately and extremely easily from the exchange section. In this section, the user experience is really satisfactory, due to its cleanliness, simplicity and speed.

Source: Mind Capital.

We will be able to consult the operations carried out with all their details from the section of transactions, and also from the sections of deposit, withdrawal and exchange. All the commissions applied and the amounts transferred are clearly and precisely recorded.

In order to make the release of this magnificent tool as complete as possible and to provide the user with all the necessary information for easy trading, Mind Capital will be offering a series of tutorial, instructional and training videos, which will be published in the usual channels and which will explain in detail all the processes, trades and keys to using MCExchange.

We are therefore looking forward to the arrival of MCExchange which we will follow closely, because we are sure that it is coming to change many things ;)